Bearbrass 2.0

Calling a friend

As the viewscreen sputtered to life, a familiar but not the same face appeared. The gaudy red hat was visible at the top of the display with just an edge of the white feathers tucked into the brim visible. However, the face that normally appeared below that hat was starkly different. The blonde hair was now impossibly black and the face itself now starkly white. The heavy black eyeliner around the eyes and the red starburst originating from the nose outwards painted a heavy contrast. A brief look of surprise flashed across her face, but Flint quickly dispelled the feeling and resumed her normal disaffected air.

“What the frak is that Van?”

“Hey, do you like it? I’m trying out a new face style. I call it ‘Kabuki Red Mage’.”

“If you go wandering around the streets like that, you’re going to end up ‘Renraku Dead Mage’.”

“Awww, you’re no fun. So, what did you need?”

“Actually, I have something for you. An easy job. I know you’re a bit short on scratch.”

“Yeah, I could use some cred. What’s the gen?”

“I’ll comm you the details. You owe me a soykaf.”

“I’ll buy me something nice. From you.” The face on the screen winks cheekily.

“Ha ha. Stay frosty out there. And get that face off before Renraku sue you for copyright infringement!”

“Thanks Flint. Eye you later.”

“Anytime Van.”

The call disconnects and Flint shakes her head slowly. ‘I sure hope he doesn’t show up to the Johnson meet like that’ she thinks to herself.



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