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Diary of Nakamura Katsumi, Part 1

It all starts with a call

It always rains in Melbourne.

It’s like the gods are crying over what this world has become. I grew up hearing stories from my father about cherry-blossoms and samurai, of the sun and moon dancing through the heavens. Now Raiden just screams at us while the gods draw the clouds across the sky to hide us from their gaze.

This is my first job. Once I accept this and step into the darkness there will be no turning back, but why would I? All my life they hurt me for what I am – I was better than them at maths, computer sciences, and magic – but still they hurt me with their tongues and hands. Well frag them. I’ll wear their tongues for earrings and wipe my ass with their severed hands.

It all starts with a call… Well, with a post. I managed to access Jackpoint and found a job posting from a fixer called Ozone. I figure I’ll go along to the meet and we’ll take it from there. My, uh, bodyguard Liam Riggs is coming too. I hadn’t expected him to come with me when I left but I guess being an orc he didn’t have it any easier than me in the halls of corporate thuggery. I don’t know if it’s personal loyalty or a shared hatred of the corporate bulldrek we endured, but either way it’s nice to have a familiar face along for the ride.

Watch out Omae, I’m coming to get you.

Nakamura Katsumi


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