Bearbrass 2.0

Diary of Nakamura Katsumi, Part 2

So it appears that we’ve been hired to discover what’s been happening to some missing pizzas – a group of people have been posing as employees of Pirate Pizza (a local pizza company who deliver their pizzas in other company’s boxes, it’s a gimmick of some kind), they send spoof orders to local pizza shops and send the actual pizzas to the buyer, accepting payment on delivery. The amounts of money they’d be earning wouldn’t even cover the cost of their costumes, so we think that it’s rich kids mucking around (backed up by Camden having astrally tracked their spoor to a nearby mansion in Port Melbourne).

Investigating the area where the crime occurs we discover police patrols every 10 minutes (mostly drone patrols, but every half hour there’s a physical presence). It’s a AAA neighbourhood too, so all the traffic is high end.

While we’re scoping out the area we hear the squeal of tyres followed by a crash. Arriving at the location we see a van has crashed into a delivery scooter, and 4 people in cloaks are running off as security personnel come pouring out of the van! I give chase to the cloaked figures, wrapping myself in invisible etheric energies and reaching into their minds to force them to drop their commlinks. Their minds balk at the forced intrusion, and in their hurry to divest themselves of their commlinks one even drops his cloak and sword belt – yep, he had a sword. I gather the commlinks and return to the scene of the accident.

Well… the former scene of the accident. The van had blown up so I scarper back to the stuffer shack to meet up with the rest of the crew. I hand off the commllinks to out hacker… who finds out they’re registered to The Dread Pirate Roberts, Bluebeard, and Jane Doe. Great. The information on the commlinks deletes itself and we’re left back where we started.

Nakamura Katsumi +++Nydakris+++


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