Bearbrass 2.0

S2.1 Under Pressure

Previously on Bearbrass 2.0:

After running Lee Kim out of town, and being offered another job by yet another mysterious Mr Johnson. We follow the adventures of:
Greta, Liam, VanDread, Camden, Nydakris and Scabbard. As they investigate further into Pirate Pizza, and the rampant attacks plaguing the delivery folk of Port Melbourne.

We pick up right after the crew have set up a perimiter on Page St (where they believe the next attack is to take place).

Greta has secured a table at the Petty Officer, an upmarket little cafe just on the corner of Page St and Victoria Ave. On the other end of the street, closer to Kerferd Rd, Liam, VanDread, Nydakris and Scabbard set up Liam’s step-van for an intercept.

Scabbard has also placed a drone camera just off Phillipson St

It doesn’t take long before the reverie is broken with the sounds of a crash coming from the Phillipson St & Page St intersection.

The crew hot-leg it to the scene. Greta takes her bike (to ensure that she has ample medical supplies), and Scabbard monitors things from inside the van.

It is soon apparent that another delivery-jacking is taking place. Nydakris and VanDread start to chase four figures who look like pirates as they exit the scene on foot.

Liam on the other hand heads on an intercept with what looks like security forces who have blocked the intersection with their black GMC Step-Van.

On the corner, crashed into a car is a little Dodge Scoot, the delivery man is on the ground, unconscious.

Greta heads to the delivery guy, and checks that he’s ok, while the others deal with the running pirates, and Liam soaks some bullets from the security goons.

A firefight is soon underway, with Greta dropping security goons with precision, while Liam just blasts them with an itty bitty pistol.

Scabbard meanwhile has hacked and crashed the opposition TacNet, managing to induce dump-shock on the opposing rigger during a fierce matrix attack.

Meanwhile, an invisible Nydakris has compelled the fleeing pirates to drop some incriminating evidence (which VanDread picks up)

Deciding that the pirates are not a threat, VanDread heads back to the intersection, only to see the Security Step-Van start to peel away from the scene of the crime. In a valiant attempt to stop the van, VanDread goes a little overboard and blasts it with a mighty Lighting Bolt Spell…. unfortunately, he hit critical components and managed to not only singe the van, but essentially fry the whole thing too.

Shortly after, Scabbard intercepts an encrypted Crash Cart emergency beacon. He jams it, just as Camden makes an appearance.

The group grab what evidence they can, and hightail it out of the area, unfortunately some of them were seen, and the actions may have attracted some unwanted attention from the Pirate Pizza Guys.

Group gets 3 karma each at the end of the session plus the following gear they have recovered

2x Steyr TMP machine pistols with 4 clips of Stick & Shock rounds each
2x Steyr Scout Sporting Rifles with 2 clips of narcojet rounds each (injection rounds)
4x Novatech Airware Commlinks with the following SIN identities: Westley Roberts; Charles Barbe-bleue; Edward Teach; Anne Bonny; very common programs, and a shopping list.
2 Domino’s Supreme Pizzas (soy meat)
1 Dominos Vegetarian PIzza (extra Mushroom)
1 Dominos Garlic Pizza (fake garlic)
1 Dominos Meatlover’s Pizza (mix of soy protein and TVP)
a bottle of Jolt! Cola
an advertisement for NERPs with a discount at the nearest Stuffer Shack xPress!

The crew high-tail it before either Crash Cart or the local VicPol patrol manages to arrive.


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