Bearbrass 2.0

S2.2: Under the Radar

Previously on Bearbrass 2.0…

After a brief firefight, where Liam acted as a target, Greta cleaned up the stragglers, Scabbard induced dumpshock in an enemy rigger, Nydakris magically coerced the Pirates to drop their commlinks, and Camden witnessed VanDread literally blow up a van with a Lightning Bolt….

The crew finds some of their numbers have a bounty on their heads…

We pick up as Camden and Greta beseech the spirit Warrigal to provide some aid in their investigations…

On a rooftop garden in the Bearbrass Arcology, the spirit walking Camden is guarded by Greta. Meanwhile in a Stuffer Shack Xpress! on street level, VanDread is being berated by Scabbard, while Liam discovers a new allergy to Dominos Pizza (now with added SoyPro)

It soon eventuates that Liam’s biomonitor is glitching, and his CrashCart cover is sending an SRT.

Deciding that they needed to discover if the Pizzas were poisoned or unnatural, VanDread and Scabbard headed to the South Melbourne Underground, while Liam was tended to by CrashCart.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Camden and Greta discover that there are three leads to their original investigations.

  • The Dominos Delivery Dude (known as Dougie)
  • The Dominos HQ, where Dougie was debriefed post incident
  • A seemingly abandoned warehouse in the industrial district surrounding Essendon Airport (in Essendon Fields)

While these two investigate, the rest of the crew get word through various contacts and fixers: _ someone has posted a job on Jackpoint: Bearbrass requesting the capture of personell who’s image matches VanDread and Liam._

Deciding to hide out a little while Liam undergoes a brief checkup by Scabbard, the crew head to the Radar, where they are told Broker will meet them at a place called Moriarty’s.

The crew soon discover that Liam was targetted by an enemy decker, and an Agent installed in his Commlink has been plagueing him with Viruses. They also learn that the APB on Liam and VanDread was posted 30 minutes ago (around the time the Van was exploded)

While Scabbard clears everyone’s commlinks, Greta and Camden ditch their burners (or in Camden’s case, he loses his commlink) As they interrogate Dougie. It is soon discovered that Dougie is a little slow…

Game ended after Dougie’s interrogation.

Players received 3 Karma.
Characters replacing their Commlink IDs paid 100 NuYen each
Those Characters who ended up at Mycroft’s paid 100 NuYen for drinks and the use of their facilities for a couple of hours.


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