Bearbrass 2.0

S2.3: Sabotage...

On last session, after discovering that there were bounties on VanDread and Liam (as Nathan Wilson) the team decided to follow the money…

Greta and Camden investigate some leads from Dougie the Pizza Delivery Boy, while VanDread and Scabbard head to the Stuffer Shack xPress! Liam on the other hand decides to lay low.

Firstly, Greta and Camden scour the newsnets, and find an advertisement looking for extras in the next Space Pirates episode. They follow the lead to a costumers in Laverton North. There they acquire some pirate gear, and get given some instructions to meet at Iffla and Glover streets the next evening.

VanDread and Scabbard meanwhile distract the VicPol team at the Stuffer Shack xPress and head off to meet with Greta and Camden at the costumers. They do find that the real Pirate Pizzas is a subsidiary of Dominos Pizza, and have been attempting to break into the market in the South and East of the CBD. (there are successful chains in the West and North)

After picking up their costumes, the group decide to investigate another lead in the warehouse district near the Essendon Airport.

At the warehouse lead, the crew find a corporate hit squad resting for their next mission. Camden steals a commlink (for a Corporal Alex Wynne) and gets Scabbard to download the data before returning it (he also pranks the corporate squad)

session ended with the group getting 3 Karma.


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