Bearbrass 2.0

Session 1.0: The Run Down


Dianne as Greta Fore
Jason as Liam Riggs
Michael as VanDread

After receiving the details to the meet, our intrepid heroes…

Stopping by the Curry Vault to sample the Eggplant curry, Greta decides to order ahead for LIam. They’re early anyway, and though the crowd of sararimen and corporate suits is building, they plan on using their wiles to bypass the queue.

After their meal, Greta and Liam spend some time introducing the bouncers to the concept of money talks. With Greta managing to use her feminine wiles on the all to chromed behemoths out front. Liam on the other hand opts to pay a premium just to skip the line. The duo enter the Mitre, grab refreshments, then manage to make it upstairs.

They are followed by an individual in red mages robes and an equally improbable hat. Having read the notes from his fixer, VanDread enters with minimum fuss.

The group congregate upstairs in front of Joey Bianco, a representative of a local Neighbourhood Watch organisation (and his two flunkies).

Joey explains his issues with a person of interest (Lee Kim) and the group accept the job (for very little pay – 500nuYen each – half up front. and a favour from Joey or his organisation)

Greta then heads off to scout the area, and use her personality to glean information from the locals

VanDread uses his matrix connections and some simple searches to check the news feeds

Liam heads over to Hals to question the arms dealer about anything new.

Over the course of their investigations, our plucky heroes discover that Lee Kim is a go gang leader with ties to the Korean Mafia.

Other information they have gathered points to potential Sicilian Mafia connections with their Mr Johnson. (Hal noted that Joey Bianco is likely connected to the Marconi Family)

The group decide to scout the Abbotsford area rather than simply rely on witness accounts.

awarded 2 karma each


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