Bearbrass 2.0

Session 1.2: The Run Down pt 2

Dianne as Greta Fore
Jason as Liam Riggs
Michael as VanDread

Previously on Bearbrass 2.0

Liam, Greta and Van Dread were contacted by the mysterious fixer Ozone. They were tasked with meeting Giuseppe “Joey” Bianco, a representative of a local Neighbourhood Watch organisation at the Mitre Tavern in Bank Place.

After meeting with Joey, and receiving the details for the job, our intrepid protagonists performed some discreet and sometimes indiscreet research via multiple sources. They then determined it would be best to simply head to Abbotsford and deal with the problem at hand.

This week:

The episode opens with Greta speaking to an old Jewish watchmaker…

A brief discussion later about the Korean go-gangs and their goons, Greta is on the comm to Liam, who coordinates with VanDread to meet Greta at a dinky bar across from Arisoo in Abbotsford.

The three meet and stake out the target, they don’t have to wait long until the drone of high powered sports bikes (in need of a tune-up) can be heard. Soon, they see four bikes and a late model sports sedan pull up in front of the Arisoo restaurant.

Greta quickly devises a plan, and the trio head to the roof for some close range reconnaissance. After listening in on what seems to be a shake up operation (thanks to Liam’s spy gear), Greta rushes down the fire escape to close off any retreat from the rear of the restaurant, while Liam and Van Dread head to the front.

Filled with bravado, Liam snipes at the two goons outside the restaurant, then descends the building face and busts in on the goons inside. Van Dread takes a more measured approach, and slashes some tires on his way in.

Once inside, a brief scene turns from conversation to combat. With Liam taking out the goons and ending in a fist fight with their target (Lee Kim). Van Dread knocks out the gang’s accountant and Greta quickly finishes the combat with some well placed bursts of shock rounds into both the target and his otherwise well trained body-guard.

The trio then run another intimidation scene, deliver the message, and Greta and Liam monitor the target until he is at the Airport and on a flight to BrisVegas. VanDread ran cover and investigated Lee Kim’s apartment (a corporate shell serviced apartment in Hawthorn)

They then headed to the Royal Melbourne Hotel to report back to their client, and finished the episode celebrating a milk run.

5 Karma each player (2 for the run, 3 for the plot points and completion); 250 nuYen as remainder of payment, 750 NuYen as bonus for the other paydata and equipment they handed their employer. And they now have a potential contact who can give them jobs.

Next week, we’ll open with S1 E3: Welcome to the Jungle


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