Bearbrass 2.0

Session 2.0: Welcome to the Jungle

Previously on Bearbrass…

Our protagonists had been hired on a milk run, deliver a message to Lee Kim. The rewards were good, the contacts were shifty, and the job was a breeze

Now, as our intrepid Shadowrunners are relaxing after their success, a new job has come up.

Your fixer, Broker has found some more work. Seems that a new threat has arisen in the shadows of Bearbrass. Local deliverymen are being targeted, and a Mr Johnson would like a crew to investigate the incidents, and end the disruption.

Pay is 750 nuYen per runner per day, with an up front retainer of 1000 nuYen for the group. Early completion nets you a bonus.

More information on the job can be found at the meet, to take place at a Stuffer Shack xPress!™ just outside the Arcology. The Mr Johnson will brief the team when they get there.

After meeting the Johnson, the crew splits up, Greta and Camden investigating the astral, while Liam, VanDread and Scabbard (a new Decker introduced to the group by Broker) finish breakfast and conduct some matrix searches.

Camden utilises his spirits, Warrigal and Mary, while Greta contacts the Johnson for more pertinent information from any of the attacked delivery men.

Soon, the crew find out about Pirate Pizza. After a brief encounter with a warded gate, they retreat to Kenny’s Kebabs in the South Melbourne Underground to plan and come up with a course of action which will see them paid, and ensure that their reputations are shiny in the eyes of the Johnson.


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