Teenaged Elf Raven Shaman.


A pale and thin, teenaged looking elf. Dressed in a long coat which has seen better days, he’d be unremarkable if it weren’t for the raven feathers growing in his hair. Despite his bedraggled appearance, he emanates an aura of good humour tinged with a little sadness.


Born and raised in the Melbourne Sprawl, Camden has had some entanglements with a local go-gang.

Due to an accident in his past, he is filled with remorse and has vowed never to allow innocents to be harmed by his actions.
The Raven has taken this vow and made a mark (Camden has Raven feathers growing in his hair)

Largely homeless, Camden now takes the role normally associated from Bear Shamans, he is the people’s protector and helps those who need it most. While he knows it doesn’t make up for his mistakes, he feels the path of atonement is the right road to walk.


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