Bearbrass 2.0

It all starts with a call...
from Giuseppe Bianco.

Jackpoint: Bearbrass 2.0

Early morning, June 2076.
Each of the PCs receives the following message on their commlink

Delivered-To: xxxxxx@lists.anon
Received: by ::0240:63FF:FECA:9A20 with id 237$3*7Rn; Sat, 6 Jun 2076 00:00:00 -0000 (GMT)
Return Path:
Received from: ::2001:0DB8:AAC1:FE01:: with id h19si82663rnb.2076., Sat, 6 Jun 2076 23:59:59 -0000 (GMT)
Message-ID: 237$3*h19si2663r#n
From: Ozone.
Subject: Opportunity Knocks!

>> begin transmit..<<

Hoi Chummers!

Word on the street is that there’s an opportunity up for grabs. A suit is hiring for a courier job. All I can find is that this will be a milk run, but you know what they say.

The Johnson’s name is Giuseppe Bianco, he has requested a meet with interested parties at the Mitre Tavern at Bank Place.

Tell the bouncer that I sent you.

++Ozone++ Out.

>>end of line. <<

Jackpoint: Bearbrass 2.0
Campaign log

Hidden beneath the steel grey skies, a dragon dreams.

The city of Melbourne survives despite the terrors brought by constant mana-storms, or the uncertainties of the sixth world.

Brought by the promise of work, of life and of hope, millions stream to the light cast by the Bearbrass Arcology. Some rise to the top, others float among the flotsam, and then there are those who thrive in the ahadows and cracks.

This is their story…

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