Bearbrass 2.0

S2.3: Sabotage...

On last session, after discovering that there were bounties on VanDread and Liam (as Nathan Wilson) the team decided to follow the money…

Greta and Camden investigate some leads from Dougie the Pizza Delivery Boy, while VanDread and Scabbard head to the Stuffer Shack xPress! Liam on the other hand decides to lay low.

Firstly, Greta and Camden scour the newsnets, and find an advertisement looking for extras in the next Space Pirates episode. They follow the lead to a costumers in Laverton North. There they acquire some pirate gear, and get given some instructions to meet at Iffla and Glover streets the next evening.

VanDread and Scabbard meanwhile distract the VicPol team at the Stuffer Shack xPress and head off to meet with Greta and Camden at the costumers. They do find that the real Pirate Pizzas is a subsidiary of Dominos Pizza, and have been attempting to break into the market in the South and East of the CBD. (there are successful chains in the West and North)

After picking up their costumes, the group decide to investigate another lead in the warehouse district near the Essendon Airport.

At the warehouse lead, the crew find a corporate hit squad resting for their next mission. Camden steals a commlink (for a Corporal Alex Wynne) and gets Scabbard to download the data before returning it (he also pranks the corporate squad)

session ended with the group getting 3 Karma.

S2.2: Under the Radar

Previously on Bearbrass 2.0…

After a brief firefight, where Liam acted as a target, Greta cleaned up the stragglers, Scabbard induced dumpshock in an enemy rigger, Nydakris magically coerced the Pirates to drop their commlinks, and Camden witnessed VanDread literally blow up a van with a Lightning Bolt….

The crew finds some of their numbers have a bounty on their heads…

We pick up as Camden and Greta beseech the spirit Warrigal to provide some aid in their investigations…

On a rooftop garden in the Bearbrass Arcology, the spirit walking Camden is guarded by Greta. Meanwhile in a Stuffer Shack Xpress! on street level, VanDread is being berated by Scabbard, while Liam discovers a new allergy to Dominos Pizza (now with added SoyPro)

It soon eventuates that Liam’s biomonitor is glitching, and his CrashCart cover is sending an SRT.

Deciding that they needed to discover if the Pizzas were poisoned or unnatural, VanDread and Scabbard headed to the South Melbourne Underground, while Liam was tended to by CrashCart.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Camden and Greta discover that there are three leads to their original investigations.

  • The Dominos Delivery Dude (known as Dougie)
  • The Dominos HQ, where Dougie was debriefed post incident
  • A seemingly abandoned warehouse in the industrial district surrounding Essendon Airport (in Essendon Fields)

While these two investigate, the rest of the crew get word through various contacts and fixers: _ someone has posted a job on Jackpoint: Bearbrass requesting the capture of personell who’s image matches VanDread and Liam._

Deciding to hide out a little while Liam undergoes a brief checkup by Scabbard, the crew head to the Radar, where they are told Broker will meet them at a place called Moriarty’s.

The crew soon discover that Liam was targetted by an enemy decker, and an Agent installed in his Commlink has been plagueing him with Viruses. They also learn that the APB on Liam and VanDread was posted 30 minutes ago (around the time the Van was exploded)

While Scabbard clears everyone’s commlinks, Greta and Camden ditch their burners (or in Camden’s case, he loses his commlink) As they interrogate Dougie. It is soon discovered that Dougie is a little slow…

Game ended after Dougie’s interrogation.

Players received 3 Karma.
Characters replacing their Commlink IDs paid 100 NuYen each
Those Characters who ended up at Mycroft’s paid 100 NuYen for drinks and the use of their facilities for a couple of hours.

Diary of Nakamura Katsumi, Part 2

So it appears that we’ve been hired to discover what’s been happening to some missing pizzas – a group of people have been posing as employees of Pirate Pizza (a local pizza company who deliver their pizzas in other company’s boxes, it’s a gimmick of some kind), they send spoof orders to local pizza shops and send the actual pizzas to the buyer, accepting payment on delivery. The amounts of money they’d be earning wouldn’t even cover the cost of their costumes, so we think that it’s rich kids mucking around (backed up by Camden having astrally tracked their spoor to a nearby mansion in Port Melbourne).

Investigating the area where the crime occurs we discover police patrols every 10 minutes (mostly drone patrols, but every half hour there’s a physical presence). It’s a AAA neighbourhood too, so all the traffic is high end.

While we’re scoping out the area we hear the squeal of tyres followed by a crash. Arriving at the location we see a van has crashed into a delivery scooter, and 4 people in cloaks are running off as security personnel come pouring out of the van! I give chase to the cloaked figures, wrapping myself in invisible etheric energies and reaching into their minds to force them to drop their commlinks. Their minds balk at the forced intrusion, and in their hurry to divest themselves of their commlinks one even drops his cloak and sword belt – yep, he had a sword. I gather the commlinks and return to the scene of the accident.

Well… the former scene of the accident. The van had blown up so I scarper back to the stuffer shack to meet up with the rest of the crew. I hand off the commllinks to out hacker… who finds out they’re registered to The Dread Pirate Roberts, Bluebeard, and Jane Doe. Great. The information on the commlinks deletes itself and we’re left back where we started.

Nakamura Katsumi +++Nydakris+++

S2.1 Under Pressure

Previously on Bearbrass 2.0:

After running Lee Kim out of town, and being offered another job by yet another mysterious Mr Johnson. We follow the adventures of:
Greta, Liam, VanDread, Camden, Nydakris and Scabbard. As they investigate further into Pirate Pizza, and the rampant attacks plaguing the delivery folk of Port Melbourne.

We pick up right after the crew have set up a perimiter on Page St (where they believe the next attack is to take place).

Greta has secured a table at the Petty Officer, an upmarket little cafe just on the corner of Page St and Victoria Ave. On the other end of the street, closer to Kerferd Rd, Liam, VanDread, Nydakris and Scabbard set up Liam’s step-van for an intercept.

Scabbard has also placed a drone camera just off Phillipson St

It doesn’t take long before the reverie is broken with the sounds of a crash coming from the Phillipson St & Page St intersection.

The crew hot-leg it to the scene. Greta takes her bike (to ensure that she has ample medical supplies), and Scabbard monitors things from inside the van.

It is soon apparent that another delivery-jacking is taking place. Nydakris and VanDread start to chase four figures who look like pirates as they exit the scene on foot.

Liam on the other hand heads on an intercept with what looks like security forces who have blocked the intersection with their black GMC Step-Van.

On the corner, crashed into a car is a little Dodge Scoot, the delivery man is on the ground, unconscious.

Greta heads to the delivery guy, and checks that he’s ok, while the others deal with the running pirates, and Liam soaks some bullets from the security goons.

A firefight is soon underway, with Greta dropping security goons with precision, while Liam just blasts them with an itty bitty pistol.

Scabbard meanwhile has hacked and crashed the opposition TacNet, managing to induce dump-shock on the opposing rigger during a fierce matrix attack.

Meanwhile, an invisible Nydakris has compelled the fleeing pirates to drop some incriminating evidence (which VanDread picks up)

Deciding that the pirates are not a threat, VanDread heads back to the intersection, only to see the Security Step-Van start to peel away from the scene of the crime. In a valiant attempt to stop the van, VanDread goes a little overboard and blasts it with a mighty Lighting Bolt Spell…. unfortunately, he hit critical components and managed to not only singe the van, but essentially fry the whole thing too.

Shortly after, Scabbard intercepts an encrypted Crash Cart emergency beacon. He jams it, just as Camden makes an appearance.

The group grab what evidence they can, and hightail it out of the area, unfortunately some of them were seen, and the actions may have attracted some unwanted attention from the Pirate Pizza Guys.

Group gets 3 karma each at the end of the session plus the following gear they have recovered

2x Steyr TMP machine pistols with 4 clips of Stick & Shock rounds each
2x Steyr Scout Sporting Rifles with 2 clips of narcojet rounds each (injection rounds)
4x Novatech Airware Commlinks with the following SIN identities: Westley Roberts; Charles Barbe-bleue; Edward Teach; Anne Bonny; very common programs, and a shopping list.
2 Domino’s Supreme Pizzas (soy meat)
1 Dominos Vegetarian PIzza (extra Mushroom)
1 Dominos Garlic Pizza (fake garlic)
1 Dominos Meatlover’s Pizza (mix of soy protein and TVP)
a bottle of Jolt! Cola
an advertisement for NERPs with a discount at the nearest Stuffer Shack xPress!

The crew high-tail it before either Crash Cart or the local VicPol patrol manages to arrive.

Session 2.0: Welcome to the Jungle

Previously on Bearbrass…

Our protagonists had been hired on a milk run, deliver a message to Lee Kim. The rewards were good, the contacts were shifty, and the job was a breeze

Now, as our intrepid Shadowrunners are relaxing after their success, a new job has come up.

Your fixer, Broker has found some more work. Seems that a new threat has arisen in the shadows of Bearbrass. Local deliverymen are being targeted, and a Mr Johnson would like a crew to investigate the incidents, and end the disruption.

Pay is 750 nuYen per runner per day, with an up front retainer of 1000 nuYen for the group. Early completion nets you a bonus.

More information on the job can be found at the meet, to take place at a Stuffer Shack xPress!™ just outside the Arcology. The Mr Johnson will brief the team when they get there.

After meeting the Johnson, the crew splits up, Greta and Camden investigating the astral, while Liam, VanDread and Scabbard (a new Decker introduced to the group by Broker) finish breakfast and conduct some matrix searches.

Camden utilises his spirits, Warrigal and Mary, while Greta contacts the Johnson for more pertinent information from any of the attacked delivery men.

Soon, the crew find out about Pirate Pizza. After a brief encounter with a warded gate, they retreat to Kenny’s Kebabs in the South Melbourne Underground to plan and come up with a course of action which will see them paid, and ensure that their reputations are shiny in the eyes of the Johnson.

Session 1.2: The Run Down pt 2

Dianne as Greta Fore
Jason as Liam Riggs
Michael as VanDread

Previously on Bearbrass 2.0

Liam, Greta and Van Dread were contacted by the mysterious fixer Ozone. They were tasked with meeting Giuseppe “Joey” Bianco, a representative of a local Neighbourhood Watch organisation at the Mitre Tavern in Bank Place.

After meeting with Joey, and receiving the details for the job, our intrepid protagonists performed some discreet and sometimes indiscreet research via multiple sources. They then determined it would be best to simply head to Abbotsford and deal with the problem at hand.

This week:

The episode opens with Greta speaking to an old Jewish watchmaker…

A brief discussion later about the Korean go-gangs and their goons, Greta is on the comm to Liam, who coordinates with VanDread to meet Greta at a dinky bar across from Arisoo in Abbotsford.

The three meet and stake out the target, they don’t have to wait long until the drone of high powered sports bikes (in need of a tune-up) can be heard. Soon, they see four bikes and a late model sports sedan pull up in front of the Arisoo restaurant.

Greta quickly devises a plan, and the trio head to the roof for some close range reconnaissance. After listening in on what seems to be a shake up operation (thanks to Liam’s spy gear), Greta rushes down the fire escape to close off any retreat from the rear of the restaurant, while Liam and Van Dread head to the front.

Filled with bravado, Liam snipes at the two goons outside the restaurant, then descends the building face and busts in on the goons inside. Van Dread takes a more measured approach, and slashes some tires on his way in.

Once inside, a brief scene turns from conversation to combat. With Liam taking out the goons and ending in a fist fight with their target (Lee Kim). Van Dread knocks out the gang’s accountant and Greta quickly finishes the combat with some well placed bursts of shock rounds into both the target and his otherwise well trained body-guard.

The trio then run another intimidation scene, deliver the message, and Greta and Liam monitor the target until he is at the Airport and on a flight to BrisVegas. VanDread ran cover and investigated Lee Kim’s apartment (a corporate shell serviced apartment in Hawthorn)

They then headed to the Royal Melbourne Hotel to report back to their client, and finished the episode celebrating a milk run.

5 Karma each player (2 for the run, 3 for the plot points and completion); 250 nuYen as remainder of payment, 750 NuYen as bonus for the other paydata and equipment they handed their employer. And they now have a potential contact who can give them jobs.

Next week, we’ll open with S1 E3: Welcome to the Jungle

Session 1.0: The Run Down

Dianne as Greta Fore
Jason as Liam Riggs
Michael as VanDread

After receiving the details to the meet, our intrepid heroes…

Stopping by the Curry Vault to sample the Eggplant curry, Greta decides to order ahead for LIam. They’re early anyway, and though the crowd of sararimen and corporate suits is building, they plan on using their wiles to bypass the queue.

After their meal, Greta and Liam spend some time introducing the bouncers to the concept of money talks. With Greta managing to use her feminine wiles on the all to chromed behemoths out front. Liam on the other hand opts to pay a premium just to skip the line. The duo enter the Mitre, grab refreshments, then manage to make it upstairs.

They are followed by an individual in red mages robes and an equally improbable hat. Having read the notes from his fixer, VanDread enters with minimum fuss.

The group congregate upstairs in front of Joey Bianco, a representative of a local Neighbourhood Watch organisation (and his two flunkies).

Joey explains his issues with a person of interest (Lee Kim) and the group accept the job (for very little pay – 500nuYen each – half up front. and a favour from Joey or his organisation)

Greta then heads off to scout the area, and use her personality to glean information from the locals

VanDread uses his matrix connections and some simple searches to check the news feeds

Liam heads over to Hals to question the arms dealer about anything new.

Over the course of their investigations, our plucky heroes discover that Lee Kim is a go gang leader with ties to the Korean Mafia.

Other information they have gathered points to potential Sicilian Mafia connections with their Mr Johnson. (Hal noted that Joey Bianco is likely connected to the Marconi Family)

The group decide to scout the Abbotsford area rather than simply rely on witness accounts.

awarded 2 karma each

Calling a friend

As the viewscreen sputtered to life, a familiar but not the same face appeared. The gaudy red hat was visible at the top of the display with just an edge of the white feathers tucked into the brim visible. However, the face that normally appeared below that hat was starkly different. The blonde hair was now impossibly black and the face itself now starkly white. The heavy black eyeliner around the eyes and the red starburst originating from the nose outwards painted a heavy contrast. A brief look of surprise flashed across her face, but Flint quickly dispelled the feeling and resumed her normal disaffected air.

“What the frak is that Van?”

“Hey, do you like it? I’m trying out a new face style. I call it ‘Kabuki Red Mage’.”

“If you go wandering around the streets like that, you’re going to end up ‘Renraku Dead Mage’.”

“Awww, you’re no fun. So, what did you need?”

“Actually, I have something for you. An easy job. I know you’re a bit short on scratch.”

“Yeah, I could use some cred. What’s the gen?”

“I’ll comm you the details. You owe me a soykaf.”

“I’ll buy me something nice. From you.” The face on the screen winks cheekily.

“Ha ha. Stay frosty out there. And get that face off before Renraku sue you for copyright infringement!”

“Thanks Flint. Eye you later.”

“Anytime Van.”

The call disconnects and Flint shakes her head slowly. ‘I sure hope he doesn’t show up to the Johnson meet like that’ she thinks to herself.


Diary of Nakamura Katsumi, Part 1
It all starts with a call

It always rains in Melbourne.

It’s like the gods are crying over what this world has become. I grew up hearing stories from my father about cherry-blossoms and samurai, of the sun and moon dancing through the heavens. Now Raiden just screams at us while the gods draw the clouds across the sky to hide us from their gaze.

This is my first job. Once I accept this and step into the darkness there will be no turning back, but why would I? All my life they hurt me for what I am – I was better than them at maths, computer sciences, and magic – but still they hurt me with their tongues and hands. Well frag them. I’ll wear their tongues for earrings and wipe my ass with their severed hands.

It all starts with a call… Well, with a post. I managed to access Jackpoint and found a job posting from a fixer called Ozone. I figure I’ll go along to the meet and we’ll take it from there. My, uh, bodyguard Liam Riggs is coming too. I hadn’t expected him to come with me when I left but I guess being an orc he didn’t have it any easier than me in the halls of corporate thuggery. I don’t know if it’s personal loyalty or a shared hatred of the corporate bulldrek we endured, but either way it’s nice to have a familiar face along for the ride.

Watch out Omae, I’m coming to get you.

Nakamura Katsumi

It all starts with a call...
from Giuseppe Bianco.

Jackpoint: Bearbrass 2.0

Early morning, June 2076.
Each of the PCs receives the following message on their commlink

Delivered-To: xxxxxx@lists.anon
Received: by ::0240:63FF:FECA:9A20 with id 237$3*7Rn; Sat, 6 Jun 2076 00:00:00 -0000 (GMT)
Return Path:
Received from: ::2001:0DB8:AAC1:FE01:: with id h19si82663rnb.2076., Sat, 6 Jun 2076 23:59:59 -0000 (GMT)
Message-ID: 237$3*h19si2663r#n
From: Ozone.
Subject: Opportunity Knocks!

>> begin transmit..<<

Hoi Chummers!

Word on the street is that there’s an opportunity up for grabs. A suit is hiring for a courier job. All I can find is that this will be a milk run, but you know what they say.

The Johnson’s name is Giuseppe Bianco, he has requested a meet with interested parties at the Mitre Tavern at Bank Place.

Tell the bouncer that I sent you.

++Ozone++ Out.

>>end of line. <<


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