Northern Sprawl

The city of Melbourne stretches up from Woodend over to Broadford on the Hume, only interrupted by the terrain. Covered in warehouses and factories it is seen as an excellent location for the inland rail services while the Western Sprawl covers the Australia’s largest ports running out of Avalon and Geelong.

Essendon Fields

Formerly a rundown industrial district built 60 years ago, it is has been revitalised with startups who enjoy being close to CBD with excellent transport options. Old tilt slab factories are slowly being replaced with taller “VCs” (Village eCologies); self enclosed communities that attempt to minimise independance of outside resources and energy. Typically taking up an acre or more, they are enclosed buildings of up to 15 stories (the local height limit) with village-like community that harvests their own water, recycles waste and generates electricity; many have farmer’s markets which allow locals to trade what they grow or create in their studios/apartments.

Catalina VC

Catalina is renown as a magical commune and residency is only open to awakened individuals who have initiated with their group. Catalina is a research community and brings in an income exploring the unique magical ecology of Australia.

Northern Sprawl

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