BrisVegas and other cities of Note


Unlike Melbourne, Brisbane doesn’t suffer from too much tradition. Perceived by the locals and the rest of AU as an oversized country town, BrisVegas has never completely shaken this image. Despite decades of heavy immigration, and a population spike to over 10 million residents, there is a certain unsophisticated charm to the relaxed atmosphere.

Brisbane’s sprawl is the result of being the port of call for Asian metahuman refugees. The city quickly expanded to accommodate its new residents, engulfing former “satellite” suburbs as Logan City, Ipswitch and Redcliff, it even sprawls as far as the Gold and Sunshine Coasts. The percentage of Metahumanity in the population is high (even for Australia) and BrisVegas features several distinctive Meta-ethnic neighborhoods and cultural events.

Despite its laid back attitude, BrisVegas still has a serious business community. Renraku, Yamatetsu and Wuxing all hold vast interests here.

Aside from BrisPol, Sakura Security is the corp of choice for BrisVegas law enforcement. Unlike in the UCAS, troopers here try to rely on less lethal methods in their war against crime. Smaller neighbourhoods within the sprawl rely on Yakuza clans to maintain and enforce a certain brand of Law and Order, while Renraku offices host patrols of Securitech International troopers.

Along with the Asian corporations and residents come a less welcome guest. A number of Asian Crime Syndicates control the old Gold Coast between them. With the Yakuza being pre-eminent, though it faces strong competition from the Triads and local Bikie gangs.


The capital city and seat of government. Canberra has had little impetus to grow over the past few decades and it still numbers under 2 million residents.

With little in the way of industry or sales markets, the population is made up almost entirely of public servants and politicians.

Security is serious business in the nation’s capital. There is a visible police presence in most areas, and personal security forces are exceedingly common. The number of foreign embassies and consulates in Canberra also adds gravitas to the quest for tight security.

Canberra’s police services have not been contracted out to a corporate provider. Instead, the local law enforcement is run by a subdivision of ANZIS Federal agents. In spite of this, the local forces are some of the most corrupt in the world, running the city with both an iron fist and iron glove.


A city of around 8 million inhabitants. Perth is actually closer to Singapore than Sydside. Separated from the rest of AU by distance, and also intervening mana storms, Perth has developed a unique culture and industry independent from the rest of the nation.

Thriving on heavy industry and mining operations, Saeder-Krupp has based their Australian operations out of Perth, along side their subsidiary Orbital Dynamix. Their major competitor is HPL industries and its own subsidiary groups (such as Fairfax Media).

The city is also a major port for shipping to and from Asia and the Middle East. With the majority of facilities geared towards bulk cargo.

Perth also has a strong marine-manufacturing industry, with Harland-Wolff (subsidiary of Renraku) dominating the market.

Law Enforcement is handled by WAPol, and on certain facilities, ProSecuritas.



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BrisVegas and other cities of Note

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