Crime and the Underworld

Much like the rest of the Sixth World, the line is blurred between Criminals and Corporations. Underworld families have found lucrative profits arriving from legitimate businesses. That’s not to say all corporations are corrupt, or all underworld groups have tendrils into legitimate corporate assets.

The below are a list of some criminal elements which the Shadowrunners may be aware of
- Yellow Lantern Society (Hong Kong Triad, that control most of Chinatown and Williamstown). Own a number of massage parlours and legal brothels throughout the state (South Melbourne area is nominally theirs). They have a working relationship with the Yakuza and manage some business on behalf of the Arashi-Gumi.

- White Lotus Society (Triad operating out of Springvale, they have a connection to Vietnamese gangs). Legitimate business includes a popular bakery chain, and “endless” touch massage parlours.

- Sing Wah & Yee Tong – organised criminal group working out of Port Melbourne. Their legitimate business concerns include a number of cleaning and service industry businesses.

- Southern Star Ring (Seoulpa Ring, newly arrived. Little influence as the Yellow Lanterns keep halting their advances)

- Vory v Zakone, operate out of Eltham/Greensboroug and have a slice of the pie in the Collingwood area. They have a significant investment in Silvertop Taxis and their own specialised variant of Uber (they drive up-market town cars). Also have links to Serbian and Albanian criminal organisations, and have taken over their operations..

- Mafia Families – Marconi Family, the Carlton Crew, and ’Ndrangheta – own and operate a number of construction companies, fast food restaurants and cafes. also have their clutches into small legal firms.

- Yakuza – control night clubs and bunraku parlours. Have a small interest in Melbourne (most of their dealings are in BrisVegas and Sydney) they hold minor interests into the racing and combat biking industry. A minor clan, the Arashi-Gumi are on the rise, and have recently entered a treaty with the Yellow Lantern Society and the Marconi Family.

- The Finnegans – run a Legal betting concern (Luck of the Irish) in North Melbourne. Also own one of the brothels in the Arden street area, and the Celtic Club in the CBD.

- Halloweeners OZ – have swallowed the Gypsy Jokers MC and the local Coffin Cheaters chapters.

- Rebels – still a powerhouse, they now include the Comancheros and the Bandidos (after a whole lot of turmoil in the mid 2040’s)

- Hells Angels – mostly an elf go-gang, they represent the local chapter of the Ancients.

- Notorious and the Kelly Boys, are a mixed lot, the Kelly’s work out of regional Victoria, while Notorious tend to stick to the Northern Suburbs

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Crime and the Underworld

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