Game Concepts

Set in an alternate near future. Shadowrun follows certain themes. It maintains a special look and feel, which is briefly touched upon in the campaign description.

For beginners, a good place to start would be to look at film and literature. Films such as Bladerunner, A.I., Dredd, Equilibrium, and Repo Men can give an idea about the gritty distopia faced by the Sixth World.

Novels such as the Dresden Files, Necromancer, and the Shadowrun series add that element of magic and cybernetics to the imagery.

While Jenifer Government and Incompetence add to the dystopia and social setting. I’d also recommend reading the Reposition Mambo, as it adds even more flavour.

Drop in some anime, such as A.D. police and Ghost in the Shell to that mix and you’ll get a close idea of what it’s like.

Other sources I’ve used in the inspiration for this game include the TV series of Supernatural, Firefly and Sleepy Hollow

My original Shadowrun campaign, “the Merseysprawl” had a theme of folk tales and the fae. The original Melbournesprawl campaign was based on movie plots.

What will the players find this time round?

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Game Concepts

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