Local and National Corporations

Tanamyre Resources

a conglomerate of BHP, FXJ, TEN and other smaller subsidiaries. Rated AA on the World Scale, this corporation has Federal Government Support due to its local involvement.

Originating from a merger between Broken Hill Proprietary and Mount Isa Mines in 2031. Tanamyre hit mainstream media and success after the opening of the World Square Arcology in Sydney back in 2045.

It owns a number of subsidiaries including:

  • Commonwealth Aerospace Systems
  • Commonwealth Armament Solutions
  • Tanamyre Environmental Services (TES)
  • Tanamyre Exploration and Mining
  • Telstra Australia

HPL Industries

Mining company operating out of Perth. Run by the Rhinehearts. This corporation has its reach in a multitude of manufacturing, logistics and service industries. It also has part share in utilities and construction.


is a Corporation that is a member of the Pacific Prosperity Group.

It is mainly known as an expert in Matrix technology and a Matrix provider in far east with strong commercial interests in Australia, but there are also rumors in the Nexus that the Corp has an new joint-venture with ManaDyne – the magical corporation, located in Boston.

In 2070, Mangadyne is a division of the ManaDyne corporation. Mangadyne faced bankruptcy after the Crash 2.0, and ManaDyne purchased Mangadyne outright. The corporation’s focus shifted to the production of magical theory tutorsofts on paper, but most of the main resources have been diverted to a workgroup known as Project Monad.

Still holds Matrix and Telecommunications Network holdings across Pacrim through Singtel and China Telecommunications International.

AFL Corporation

Run by McGuire family. Owns stadia across Australia. Has links to Wuxing and Crashcart. Also has substantial property holdings across Melbourne through its acquisition of GroCon.

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Local and National Corporations

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