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Game System Info:

We will be using the Shadowrun System. Specifically Shadowrun 5th Edition. At Character Creation, Players will only be able to use Core Rules, the equipment found in the Run and Gun splatbook, and the gear packages found in the Run Faster Player’s Guide.

Campaign Information:

This is a reboot of my previous Shadowrun campaign. The stories and plots have been updated to 2076.

The game begins in June 2076, one of the coldest winters seen by the MelbourneSprawl (the BearBrass Arcology has been open about 6 months)

Players will take on the roles of Shadowrunners as they tackle the less than legal (or ethically questionable) aspects of being independent troubleshooters in a world where magic meets man and machine.

The players will have recently (within the last few months) arrived onto the Shadow scene in Melbourne.

Some may be new runners who have a little street rep, or they may have fled their last botched job, or they could be migrants who have arrived in the past few years.

Whatever the reason, they’ve congregated to the MelbourneSprawl for a new lease on life. An opportunity, a promise of a regular source of income, or the promise of a new beginning. But not the safety of the corps and their wage slaves… rather, the players have come to run the shadows of Melbourne and its newest arcology.

Places of Note

Bearbrass Arcology
SydSprawl / Syd(ney)Side
BrisVegas and the rest
The World Outside of Australia external link

Corporations and the Daily Grind

Megacorporations & Multinationals external link
Local and National Corporations
Entertainment in 2070
Politics and the Law
Lifestyles of the (not so) Rich and (in)Famous

Into the Shadows

Shadow Communities
The SINless
Crime and the Underworld

Playing Shadowrun, and Character Creation Guidelines:

Got your concept? Ready to make a character? Head on over to the Character Creation Page
Game Concepts and Playing Shadowrun
House Rules for the Campaign are found Here

Useful Links

Below are some useful links for getting in the groove of Shadowrun.
Generic information on the setting can be found here

And there’s also these external pages

A good look into how I view Shadowrunners and their interactions with Corporations:
(yeah its Mirror’s Edge, but hey its awesome video)

There’s the Official Shadowrun Wiki
The Official Shadowrun timeline

A link to the language of the Elves, called Sperethiel from the Wiki and other sources

You could also brush up on Or’zet, the language of the orcs.

There’s a link to Shadowland (A pre 2050’s BBS in the Shadowrun universe)
And its replacement in 2070, Jackpoint
There’s the semi-official Dumpshock webside

If you’re after some humour from groups who play shadowrun, there are:
The Proboards
The Shadowrun Quote File

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