Politics and Law Enforcement

Australia in 2075 is still a constitutional monarchy. While there have been numerous attempts to turn the country into a republic, these have been unsuccessful.

Just like the real world, politics tends to be set at three tiers, Federal, State and local.
However, due to the nature of the Shadowrun world, (mega) corporations seem to have their hooks in all aspects of government.

Local Government:

Where once there were city councils and wards. Now there are simply the City Board. Think of this as a hodge podge of corporate committees and your city council, and you’ve got it. Led by the Chair, these politicians elect the State Government.

State Government:

Elected by the various council chairs, the State Government is more like a council of administrators and auditors with certain powers covering budget, and vendor contract agreements. They’re still set in the usual department structure, but are no longer voted directly by the public (rather you petition your local City Board to place the right political candidates in state office) Yes, there are still thousands of public servants, but they’re just wageslaves working for the Government™

Federal Government:

Led by the Prime Minister, these are the true politicians. The Australian political system covers representatives from the following areas

New South Wales
Western Australia
South Australia
North Australia

The current Prime Minister is the honorable Rebecca Hananeia. She is the leader for the Labor/Greens Party, and has major support from nearby New Zealand as well as Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. Her opposition is the leader for the Coalition, Cameron Skinner (who’s power base seems to be in Western Australia and Queensland)

Law Enforcement

Much like the rest of the shadowrun universe, Law Enforcement is tackled based on location and extraterritoriality. Unlike games set in the UCAS, there are unified fronts for the face of the police forces.

State Police Forces are provided by Archon Security. Each state has its own individual contract and “brand” ie VicPol by Archon Security.

Federal Police are a separate, independent Government Department, they include ANZSIS, AFP and NZP. Most members of the Federal police are either ex-military operatives, analysts & specialists, or are drawn from suitable candidates head hunted from universities across the ANZ region.

Due to the sensitive nature of the Ecosystem in the ANZ region, the government takes Customs & Border Patrol seriously. And detachments of Federal Police Officers are used to bolster Customs and Border Patrol units.

Local security forces are handled by either Sakura Security (BrisVegas), Petrovski Security (SydSide), Knight Errant (Bearbrass), Lone Star (Wellington). These beefed up security guards are Arcology specific, and their jurisdiction ends at the boundaries of each Arcology. Some of these forces perform double duty as PSOs (primarily on behalf of METRO, who currently hold all public transport contracts across the ANZ region)

Politics and Law Enforcement

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