Shadow Communities

A General Black Market is found in South Melbourne. You can get pretty much everything here, provided you have the NuYen and the dealer has the stock.

Cyberware and Bioware, there is a discreet delta clinic in the basement of the Avenue Hospital in Windsor

Skilled Talismongers work out of the Eltham/St Andrews area.

Williamstown and Tullamarine both have weapons and equipment dealers.

Decks and computer equipment, Automotive parts and Drones can be found in the shadows of Avalon Airport

NERPS and other FMRG are found around Queen Victoria Market. (which has its own little microcosm of a Black Market)

Biotech/Medical supplies/illicit substances are best found via various crime families (around Chinatown, Newport, Port Melbourne, St Kilda, Broadmeadows etc)

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Shadow Communities

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