South Melbourne Underground

With entrances just off Clarendon Street and along the site of the old South Melbourne Markets, the dimly lit access tunnels lead to a labyrinthine sprawl of market stalls selling everything from NERPS™ through to everyday retail goods, electronics, and even a thriving black market of Simsense chips and other illicit goods.

Dahon Tea Lounge

Coming up to its 70th birthday, Dahon is a long running establishment in South Melbourne. It is a regular haunt for the South Melbourne Bloods (a local combat bike team)

The Radar

Military themed pub and hostel with a basement entrance to Moriarty’s. A number of ex-ADF personnel frequent this pub, as do a bunch of ADF hopefuls.


A haven for the seedier side of Melbourne’s shadow scene. Usual haunt for the Forklift Assassins (a shadow running team who specialise in extractions and rigger heavy work)

The Elbow Room

A club hidden among the market stalls in the underground. Common venue for the new wave of Sharpies. Most of the punters are metahumans (usually orks). Plays a mix of Electronic Blues, Trog Rock and Aussie Surf music. It is a vibrant live music venue.

Kennys Kebabs

Ran out a “retired” resturant W-class tram, Kenny, is an Orc of Vietnamese descent with a talent at combining various meats into a fairly good doner kebab, just do not ask what animals were used. When in a friendly mood, Kenny will talk about growing up in his father’s resturant in Sunshine and will even prepare some traditional north vietnamese food using local ingredients. Typical cost for privacy (as a meeting room/space) start at 50NuYen for 10 minute intervals.

The Petty Officer

This small cafe on the corner of Victoria Ave and Page st is owned by the recently former manager of the Vincent and former to that Artificer Sergeant-Major of the Army, this short haired gaunt middle aged woman goes by the name of Lori.

It is a long thin shop built in the early 20th century and as maintained a style similar to the historic Vincent across the road. The seating area in the front runs along the windows into Page st with a bar/kitchen on the opposite side favouring tapas style servings that changes every day.

A two rooms at the back are open to the pubic and can be booked, the back door is beside the stairs to the top level which is the owners residence, and the back door leads to the toilets and a small garden full of herbs and some tables and chairs.

The Vincent Hotel, Albert Park

Bar, Restaurant, Function Hall, the Art Deco Vincent Hotel has been better days but still one of the nicer buildings in the area with extensive space, well maintained but well worn decor.

It has become a bit of a community hub for the local area and has been known to let SINless people work at hourly rates and support local community programs with a number of classes run by Felix in 3d fabrication, basic electronics and drone piloting for local youth.

Hawker Shoeboxes

On the old Boeing factory, a pile of containers were transformed into a multilevel garden in the 40s. Protests about the waste of land and a lack of housing lead to the SINless taking over the garden and due to media attention made it too impossible politically to reclaim.

Now many of the containers (and additional ones) are turned into housing and others are used for public facilities. All spare space had been turned into gardens and the locals of the Shoeboxes (which they call “The Garden”) are largely self sufficient.

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South Melbourne Underground

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