Or as the locals call it Sydside (the rest of the country calls it the SydSprawl) Might as well be one massive enclosed city.

Since the eruption of the first mana storm way back in 2012, this once vibrant metropolis has been practically cut off from the outside world. Travel to and from Sydside is difficult at the best of times, and during the mana storm flare ups, even trid, and matrix connections shut down.

Spanning from Berowa in the north, to Campbelltown in the south, and all the way to Penrith in the east, a massive walled structure has been created to enclose Sydside from the terrors of the mana storms. Walls reaching to the heavens (easily 200 storeys in height) with support columns supporting an enormous plasteel ceiling. The entirety of Sydside is enclosed. Air is regulated through chimneys in-built into the columns, and sunlight harnessed through the transparent plasteel roof.

An underground highway (8 lanes, with 4 interstate train lines) head north and south out of Sydside.

Outside the shelter of Sydside, ominous black clouds hang to the horizon. Over the years, the population has dropped by hundreds of thousands. Most of the neighbourhoods have taken a downhill slide towards slumdom. For years, the city asked for disaster relief, but this fell to deaf ears. With the mana storms still raging overhead, Sydside eventually fell into the hands of the MegaCorps back in 2061.

Currently, Sydside is run by the Sydney Metropolitan Council. Politically, it is deemed corporation land, run by a council comprised of members from Aztechnology, NeoNet, Tanamyre. Security within the city is provided by Petrovski Security , and there is a local garrison of SydPol and ANZIS troops.

Unlike other metroplexes, the contained city of Sydside has built upwards and downwards. Air transport and turbo-lifts are popular throughout Sydside. Each building has at least one skypad, and in wealthier neighbourhoods air-cab ranks and stands are seen every couple of blocks.

These days, Sydside is home to around 10 million people, with a high mix of SINners and the SINless. The city remains compartmentalised, east doesn’t mix with west, north with south, meta and non-meta. This results in a higher incidence of intolerance and a whole lot of gang related in-fighting.

The Bridge

The Sydney Harbour Bridge still stands. A unique monument of Australiana, which despite suffering severe damage from the first mana storms is still well maintained, and is a major toroughfare for Sydneysiders. Despite this, there is a large squatter community which lives above the bridge.

These days, the superstructure is now covered with all manner of jury rigged shelters and other shacks. A flotilla of boats and punts is lashed together underneath, creating a patchwork village on the waterfront.

While the tunnels are well maintained (and patrolled by SydPol) the rest of the bridge is a no-go zone for even ASIC security forces. It is a regular haunt of black marketeers, gangs and the local Bridge dwellers.

World Square

Built around 2015, this large building is situated dead centre of the Sydney CBD. It was originally built full of shopping centres, offices and apartments. But it turned out to be a money sink. In 2045, Tanamyre purchased the entire structure at dirt cheap rates. Over the course of 10 years, the Aussie Megacorp turned the whole thing into a mini arcology (within the Sydside dome).
It currently houses a small subdivision of Tanamyre, the rest is rented to various corporations (many of whom rent it due to the world class security).

The strangest part about World Square is the 10,000 space underground car-park. When Sydside closed most of its roads to standard road traffic, this space became near useless. Tanamyre simply sealed it off, and secured the rest of the structure from access to and from it. In the meantime, enterprising souls broke in and turned the massive empty space to their own use.

Now known as the Emporium, this complex has turned into a 24 hour market, with thousands of stalls operating through the day and night. The lighting sucks, and the facilities are close to non-existent, but some call it home. These residents and merchants fight tooth and nail for spaces on the upper levels, as the deeper you go the darker and weirder it gets.

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