The SINless

Falling through the cracks of society are the SINless, those either born without System Identification Numbers, or those who choose to exist untethered to the rest of society.
While trids and the corporations would like to either ignore these folk, or ostracise them as the uncivilised masses, this isn’t always the case.

Living in the shadows between arcologies, corporate hqs and gated communities, the SINless have congregated into micro-communities of their own. The barrens, barrios and ghettos of the world are full of SINless individuals. Melbourne’s SINless are reminiscent of old community housing estates. Packed into high rises and slums, they eke their existence panhandling, doing cash on hand jobs, and generally trying to survive.

Locations around the Melbournesprawl with a high incidence of SINless include, the South Melbourne Underground, the slums of Newport and Kensington, and of course the Frankston Barrens.

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The SINless

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