Who's Who

Celebrities are everywhere. From your Corp moguls to your media darlings, to famous athletes and infamous shadowrunners.

Here are a few who call Melbourne Home

The Rich & Famous

Michael McGuire – Media Mogul and president of the AFL corporation. It was under his direction that the AFL split into two leagues, the Legends series and the Maarngrook league. Net Worth is 6B NuYen

Cameron Skinner – current leader for the Coalition, and Opposition Leader. He holds a seat on the Tanamyre board and is rumoured to have holdings throughout Asia. He was involved in some scandal concerning Hong Kong Triads, but this was swept under the rug prior to the 2072 election. Net worth is a staggering 3B NuYen. Lives in Sydney.

Anne Teoh-Fox – heir to the Teoh and Fox fortunes, Anne is Australia’s most Eligible Bachelorette. Recently graduated from Melbourne University, she has decided to make the MelbourneSprawl home. She resides in Bearbrass, and holds a seat on the CrashCart AU Board. Her net worth is an estimated 8.1B NuYen. Unlike most of the people on the rich list, Anne shies away from media attention.

Louise Arthur – Melbourne’s current Lord Mayor, and heir to a local transport empire (L.Arthur Transport) her net worth is an estimated 2.8B NuYen. High profile and very visible, she is also down to earth and usually is found mingling with the populace on all social strata. Her cousin Francis currently runs L.Arthur Transport.

Oliver PoultonCEO of Archon Security. Holds some shares in MangaDyne Industries, and has significant political and economical pull within the Bearbrass Arcology. A brilliant strategist, he is also a decorated war hero.

Richard HammerslaCEO of MangaDyne, calls MelbourneSprawl his home. Owns several telecommunications patents which have netted a tidy fortune. Currently also heads up Singtel research board, and has investments throughout the PPG.

Jack Vance – Trid Star for the new action series “Kit Walker – Ghost who Walks”. Rumoured to have links to Melbourne’s shadow community.

Emille Khan – Star Linebiker for the South Melbourne Bloods Combat Bike team , her record is already 16-10-0 for the season (16 flags captured, 10 opponents KO’d, 0 times knocked out)

Leon Gionis – Award winning media correspondent, and top rating news hound. Was shot late last year, and has only recently returned to active reporting. He has columns in the Australian, and a steadily growing following for his Tridcasts on SBS.

Rebecca Hanaeia – Member for Batman, current leader of the Labour-Greens Alliance. She is the incumbent Prime Minister of Australia and has found support from the PPG. She has an appartment in the Bearbrass Arcology (and is usualy found jogging in its parks and recreation levels when she is not in Canberra)

Wilhemina “Sweet Willie” WeltonAFL Superstar, currently signed on with the Richmond Tigers as their star Full Forward.

Jamie Poulton – VP of Archon Security. Head of Archon Enforcement. Seen as the public face of Archon. Standing at 2m tall, he looks like a poster boy for Archon’s paramilitary arm. Like his older brother, has some military experience.

Marc Liberatore – 4th generation Western Bulldogs player, and AFL all-australian midfielder for the third year running.

Alex Pias – bass player and lead singer for the Forklift Assassins, dubbed as Australia’s answer to Maria Mercurial. Her music is a fusion of Aussie Rock, Funk and a hint of Blues. Her latest album is called “Chasing Moriarty”, and includes a cover of God’s legendary “My Pal”.

Dub Zanchetta – illustrator and graphic designer. His art has been described as crossing the boundaries between astral, physical and matrix. the City of Melbourne recently unveilled an installation by Zanchetta in the Bourke Street Mall, titled “Slide Rules have no Place at my Party”. His piece Euchronia adorns the Flinder’s Street entrance to the Bearbrass Arcology.

Shadow Community

Gjoni Jensen A-List Fixer who runs the shadows in MelbourneSprawl. No one has seen his/her face. Rumours exist as to his/her real identity. All that everyone knows is that you never meet the same person twice.

the Man-Bat of Bearbrass a Shadowrunner / vigilante who haunts the rooftops and alleys of the Melbournesprawl. The Man-Bat is a phantom, he is reportedly seen with a bird ally.

SLR – (named after the rifle, not the camera), this well respected trio of Shadow-Runners are counted as one of the better teams to hire. They also have rather high rates than most. Their slogan is “If you can pay, we’ll make your problems go away”

Crash Course – a hacker/rigger group. Uses drones a whole lot, and tends to hire mages. They’re ok, but not great.

Three-Oh-One-Eight. based around St Kilda Junction, this shadowrunning team deals primarily with smaller corps. They’re professional troubleshooters, five strong..

Petty, Larsen & Associates (PLA) – New to the Melbourne Shadowscene, this semi-legal firm specializes in troubleshooting for SME.

Sugar & Spice – pair of low tier shadowrunners, who are on the rise. Heavily razored and cyber enhanced.

Broker – a fence who specializes in running gear. Specifically products from S-K subsidiaries, and Fuchi Asia stock. Also has a pipeline for reagents and magical supplies

Criminals and Gangs

the Kelly Boys – go gang who used to run around the Wombat Ranges, currently believed to be dispersed (think Sons of Anarchy type group, but have been disbanded in the past month or so due to a police sting), they tend to be a mix of metatypes and roles, but all tend to try to grow a “full Bushranger” beard/mo combo. Tend to wear armour reminiscent of the Kelly Gang armour.

Halloweeners Oz – International Go Gang (think rebel motorcycle gang with a jack-o-lantern motif), like to use flame to inspire fear. Tend to ride harleys and souped up monster bikes.

David Pierdimenico – Consigliere for a mafia family (the Marconis). Operates out of South Yarra. His legitimate business involves a successful chain of Pizza delivery franchises, and a number of Automobile dealerships in the Eastern Suburbs.

Stanislav Kobus – Leader of the Melbourne Vory v Zakone. Operates out of the Northern Suburbs (Eltham/Greensborough). Legitimate business include autocabs and a local courier company.

Aidan Ferguson – A branch of the Finnigans operating out of Ballarat. Aidan is the leader of a cell running out of North Melbourne.

Nguyen Goh – Triad enforcer for the Yellow Lantern Society. Owns a fast food restaurant in the Williamstown district. Tends to run Chinatown and has a truce with the local Yakuza clans. Has successfully removed competition from Seoulpa Rings in the Melbourne Area.

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Who's Who

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