Bearbrass Arcology

Taking up the space of the Arts Centre, Southbank and the Crown Casino, the Bearbrass Arcology is Melbourne’s own response to the Renraku Arcology in Sydney.

A joint venture by subsidiaries of the Pacific Prosperity Group, namely Crashcart (Yamatetsu/Evo), Anateus Offshore Investment Corporation (Wuxing) and Vulcan Systems (Saeder-Krupp). The arcology was planned, financed, and built over the remains of the Southgate centre. It takes up the entirety of the Southbank District , through to Federation Square and Flinder’s Street (with the Yarra going through it) While not huge compared to other arcologies, this fully enclosed metroplex has high end stores, office space, theatres, arcades and everything the masses would want (including a maglev station – what was once Flinder’s Street Station).

Security is run by Securitech International (Renraku).

There are numerous entrances, mainly on St Kilda Road, Flinder’s Street, Moray St, Kings Way, Clarendon St, Cecil Street, Lorimer Street. Normanby Road, and others.
Portions of the West Gate Freeway, and the East West Link pass through tunnels which are visible through the arcology. Various off ramps allow commuters to drive via GridGuide to designated parking areas within the Arcology.

A maglev light rail system and various travellators allow customers to access the shopping districts. The South Melbourne side has access tunnels to the South Melbourne Underground.

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Bearbrass Arcology

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