Tips on playing an effective Shadowrunner

Here are some tips which may help when you’re playing Shadowrun

  • Legwork is an important part of the game. The mission isn’t just about breaking in and kidnapping the girl. It’s about finding out about the girl, the security, the family and anything else the players can work out. Just remember, not all sources are trustworthy.
  • Reputation keeps you alive better than armour. And more importantly it will get you jobs. If you piss off the people who give you jobs and screw jobs up you may find yourself with some lovely new lead sneakers or out of a job. If you walk into every job making piles of corpses the employers will get a hint and only hire you for that kind of job.
  • Hero syndrome will get you killed. Your number one job is to survive, can’t get paid if you’re dead. Caution and paranoia are on the games crest of arms. Don’t think ‘oh he’s just a street thug’ I’m a big bad street samurai. If you walk up to someone in the street and blow their brains right there and then you may end up with more problems than the reward is worth. You are the monster 95% of the time not your target.
  • Knowledge of all of the rules are not needed straight away. This game is about Roleplay, as such, its ok if one week I ask you to roll x skill, but change the roll next week. (Combat can be a different matter)
  • Work out what everyone wants to play and compromise. Stick to an archetype, it makes things easier. No one character can do everything. This is even highlighted in the novels.
  • Forget balance. Combat isn’t the only solution. Combat is not always the solution. Actually if you’re relying on combat to win, you’ve already lost. Megacorporations can throw far more resources than most Shadowrunners can dream of.

Also, your shadowrunners may want to ensure they have the following equipment

  • GLOVES! Fingerprints are a problem. Security companies may not necessarily all talk to each other, but they’re bloody sophisticated.
  • A MASK! Ski mask, pantyhose, balaclava, whatever. Disguise those good looks, so even if they catch you on camera, your face isn’t there. Better than a cloth mask, which you should have as a back up; a ballistic mask! You can add visual enhancements, and it stops bullets to the face! Plus you can paint scary designs on it to be cool, Army of Two style.
  • Plastic restraints, aka zip tie cuffs. They’re ten for a nuyen; no more tearing up sheets and shirts to restrain people!
  • Duct tape! Infinite uses!
  • Ammo… don’t forget to buy ammo. I know I won’t be focusing on combat, but don’t forget to buy ammo for your weapons if you’re going to have to use them.
  • same thing goes for fake ID. Save some money and buy fake ID. Otherwise you are either using a real SIN, or your character will get nowhere.

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Tips on playing an effective Shadowrunner

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